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Snake & Ladder Game

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Snakes & Ladders games is oldest but interesting game for events or birthday loved by young children.

This game is played by two or more player on a board having number from 1 to 100 printed in a square box. Ladders and snakes are printed on board , connecting two squares, you have to move according to the die rolls , from start to finish, help or delay by ladders or snakes.

Snake & Ladder are very interesting game you have to start from 0(bottom) and go through the numbers to 100(top). When 6 comes on dice token will start tyo move , afere conting if token will go on a square where snake face lies , then you have to move bak to its tail , and if after countin your token comes to the ladder bottom then you can move your toker at the top of the ladder , and then the counting starts from there.

Those who will finish the first will win and other will continue till he finishes.Birthday Planner have different variety of snakes and ladders games available for rent at very moderate or nominal rate .

snake and ladder game

snake and ladder game in delhi

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