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Payjama Party

Raat ko hoga hungama, Toh chaalu ho pajama party, Jab chamkega chanda mama,Suit boot ko goli maaro, Pehan ke aa jaao pajama, Toh chaalu ho pajama party.

Pajama Party where guests are invited to stay overnight at friend’s place, to celebrate birthdays or other special events. It is also known as Sleepover or Slumber Party. It is very common in teenagers. the dress code of the event is pajama t -shirts, shorts, night wears so the event make the impression of tom boy party in spite of decent formal party. Decorations depend on the view of party, whether it would be fancy and girly or just friend hanging out. Basic decorations are balloons and colorful paper strips. If it is specially for girls, Pink and Sea Blue can be majorly used in decoration.

The alcoholic drinks, cocktail, mock-tail along with the non-vegetarian is the main attraction to that kind of parties. Sandwich, cookies, pancake, Bacon and Eggs, Garlic Bread, French Fries, Potato Chips etc in the place of snacks. Instead of Crockery disposable cups, napkins and some plates must be available, though it is best to focus on the napkins and cups more because most of the food is finger food. Specifically these parties is meant for teenagers or in other words these parties are very close to the bachelor’s party.

Music should be loud and collection of music should be according to choice of friends, but make sure choose the room accordingly so that our neighbor will not be disturbed due to this. And also have specific arrangement for guest to stay in case of late night.

Hand Bags for girls, T-shirts, Key chains and Heart shaped soft pillows can also be offered in return gifts.

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