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paintball Game

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We provide paintball game on rent in delhi , paintball games for rent for corporate events , for fun and enjoyment.

Paint ball game is about seek and hit the paint ball on your opposite team players, in which two teams try to capture each other's flag while defending their own using compressed-air guns that shoot paint-filled pellets.

Some rules to be set to start and play the game. Such as keeping your mask on, the field’s boundaries, not over shooting and when you are hit by a paintball you are out, along with other similar guidelines. A person as referee deputes in field to ensure the rules are being followed or not.

There is an objective to the game. That is right we are not just running around on a field shooting each other. It could be ‘tag all the players on the other team’, ‘capture the flag’, ‘touch the other team’s bunker’, ‘rescue a down pilot’, or a number of different scenarios. We are on teams.

Paintball Game

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painrball game in delhi

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