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Modelling Theme Party

Check out our fun and fashionable Modeling Theme Party ideas, games, activities, and party supplies! Perfect for the fashion savvy teen or budding fashion designer. Finding Modeling Theme Party supplies for this theme you will discover zip. So I created my own printable party supplies that can be personalised for your daughter's party. I hope you like my ideas, I would love to know what you think. What would a Modeling Theme Party without walking down the Birthday Planner ? The Birthday Planner can be incorporated with many of the other ideas on this page, such as the fashion designer, Mad Fashion, or post makeovers. You will, of course, need to create a “Birthday Planner . You can do this many ways. If you have an audience that would be perfect. You could make this your grand finale and invite their parents to come to be the audience. You could ask the girls beforehand what their favourite thing about their ensemble is to get ideas on what to tailor the comments too . After the show, you can give out awards, badges, or sashes. For example Best Hair, Best Smile, Best Dressed, Most Glamorous, Most Sassy, Best Walk, etc…

Fashion Magazine Scavenger Hunt

Divide players into teams and provide them the scissors, glue, and poster boards . You will also need to have a large stock of fashion books at their disposal. You can collect these from friends, family, thrift stores, etc. At the end of 25th minute the team that has collected the most items on their list wins. Items that you could include on your list are endless…. green pumps, tiara, bow, the word Fashion, painted toenails etc..

Jewelry Making

With fashion comes jewellery. A fun activity that goes perfectly with this theme is jewellery making. Now for girls you can use one of the pre-made kits with beads and such there are dozens of these for you to choose from. For older tween or teens you may need to go with something a little more Innovatory. You can provide beads, an variety of odds and ends, hook, earrings, feathers, simply a hodge-podge of items. You can often find bags of broken costume jewellery at thrift stores or eBay. You’ll need to provide enough material where girls can truly express there art and not feel like they are making paint-by-number jewellery. You can give prizes for the most creative design.

Beauty Treatment

If you are having a Project Birthday Planner sleepover then I think the perfect way to cap off the evening, after everyone have washed the make-up from their faces and got into in a homemade facial. There are so many homemade facial recipes which is really depends upon the age of the guests and preference of the host. This could also be another fun keeping item if you create something that can be put in a container and used again and again later. Each guest can make their own, use it, and store the rest for the later..

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