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Krishna Theme Party

Krishna is a Hindu God, with blue skin, Peacock Feather and flute. Krishna- Radha consider a perfect couple in Hinduism. Krishna who guides Arjuna on the path to self-realization in the Bhagavad Gita. One god many avtar. Different characters inspiring from krishna’s life gives idea for the costumes of the guests. Males can dress in Dhoti-Kurta with Pearl necklace and jutti as footwear with and females dressed like Gopi’s in Lehenga-choli, with light jewellery

As party is related to Krishna, Location should be drawn like Mathura Vrindavan as his place. Village look with Wells, Huts , lots of Matkas filled with artificial Makhan(made with cotton) is mandatory fill that party is in Brij-dham. Fake Tress and herbs can be placed. Birds on the branches of the tree. Various cows poster hangings. Different color butterflies, various posters inspired from Lord Krishna’s life, hang them at various distances. One prison showing the time of Lord Krishna’s Birth. Combination of Blue and Yellow color balloonsand flowers used in decoration.

Exotic Krishna photo cake with lots of cookies and chocolates. Peacock Crowns can be used instead of birthday caps. Buttery dishes like various Pranthas served with Makhan and curd. Sweet Curd, Fruit Cream and Lassi. Fruit Chat and salad will be add altogether desi flavour the celebration

Dandiya is the main content for the Krishna Theme party instead of DJ with loud music.

Return Gifts for kids Lil Krishna & Radha in a Gift Wrapped and placed with a personalized Thank You card.

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Krishna Theme Party | first birthday krishna theme | God Krishna Radha Themes

Krishna theme birthday party

krishna theme party decoration

Little krishna theme party

krishna theme party

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