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We provide karaoke mike or karakoke system on rent in delhi-ncr for events , birthday party , corporate events.

Karaoke system is the singing machine. It system with 7 inch TFT color screen and recorder. Karaoke system is very use full for party. Child sing a own favorite song and very happy. It is best role play in the party. The electronic system which makes this playback possible is called a karaoke machine. Here user select the song which they want sing after selecting a song music play in back ground of TV sound system and lyrics are dish play on TV screen. Karaoke screens can also display video and and advance graphics, including on scoring and queues. A karaoke system is basically the same as a regular CD player. However the difference is a karaoke player can read special karaoke discs know as cd +these graphics are the word that is produced on TV screen. This system set of speaker and a microphone. Karaoke system good program to get. You want to get a karaoke system that I can use through my laptop to play to music on my TV.a karaoke player also has an video output that connects to the is very useful to us.

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