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Kangaroo Boxing

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Kangaroo boxing , boxing by wearing wearing suit and big fluppy boxing gloves , funny but very interesting and energetic game . This game is for youngster , they would love to have one to one with each other in funny way .

We will provide you boxing ring of 8 ft by 8 ft with dress and boxing gloves. The ring will be covered from all four sides with foam stripes and its base is fully bouncy. The gloves is very fluppy and flimsy , it can't hurt you . This game has three round , in each round you will get some point , after three round , the higher scorer will win the match.

We provide kangaroo boxing on rent in delhi ncr at very affordable price. This game is popular among collage student , they love to play sporty games . You just rent this game and we will do the rest for you .

 kangaroo boxing gloves on rent in delhi

kangaroo boxing on rent in delhi

kangaroo boxing on rent

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