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Glam Up Theme Party

As a girl myself, I LOVE all things glitz and glam . All a girl really needs in life is a little dessert and A LOT of sparkles and this is exactly what this birthday girl wanted!

The Decorations

Time to get the girls together for an evening filled with a little glitz and a whole lot of glam. Embellish clear glass vessels with sparkly washi tape, attach silver proms to garland strand and drink toppers, and to hang a banner to greet guests as soon as they arrive. Every detail in this party screams GORGEOUS! Fun drink flags in coordinating colours, pink with gold glitter Happy Birthday bags, and glitter topped pink macarons are just some of the pretty elements that made this event beautiful!

The Invite

Since this get–together is probably long–overdue Since you are busy in making time but Haven’t Because you were too Busy in your Daily Life , then make it extra special with an invitation that will have everyone talking. As for the guest list Management , this is strictly a girl only affair to deal with the exception of a few of our favourite guys.

The Game

Whip up your own game that requires some unforgettable Dialogues from your favourite movies and also you can add up those dialogues which are worth remembering to make the game more interesting . Channel your inner Frances "Baby" Houseman, Vivian Ward, Allison Nelson, and more.

The Favours

From hot pink to coral, set out bottles of polish for guests to take for the road. Have fun tagging each shade after an inspiring leading lady. Movie posters from famous old movies like Gone With The Wind and Casablanca . While actual posters could be a bit expensive, But we are able to find images online and print them out extra large on multiple sheets to Reduce your costings , then we will tape them together. Walk of Fame Named Stars . This one's fairly easy. We will get you some poster board for the posters to be hanged , preferably colored (black looks good on a light-colored floor), cut out stars (about two per poster board, and you probably will want to make a pattern in between them ), and write celebrities' (or for a twist, your friends') names on them with paint markers (silver looks good on black). Then just tape the stars to the floor with double-stick tape.

Glam Up theme birthday party

glam up theme party

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glam up theme party in delhi

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glam up theme party ideas

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