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Fish Spa

We provide fish spa or fish pedicure on rent in delhi . This foot spa exfoliates the skin. Fish spa removes dead skin and bring back the glowing skin . Fishes eat up bacteria and dead skin from the foot. Fish Spa is very relaxing , if your feet is tired and you want to take a break just go the the foot spa.

When you dip your foot inside the fis tank , all fishes will start eating your dead skin. Yhe tickling increases the secration of endorphins(chemical from brain). Release of endorphins provide a pleasent feeling. If you are going for garra rufa fish spa it is benifirt as it salivate an enzyme which contain dithranol(anthralin) , This simulate the growth of new skin.

Benifit of Fish Spa

  • Removes Dead Skin
  • Heal cracks in the feet
  • Give Micro Massage
  • Reduces Stress and Strain
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Make Skin Smooth & Soft
  • Reduce pain the leg
  • Releases Medicinal Enzyme on Feet
  • Helps new Skin to grow

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