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Camel Ride

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Camel ride always see in Rajasthan. It is very interesting and funny. All the children and people like this camel ride. When camel go to the ride than camel decorated .Its journey is very long the people who operate the ride were very great, as they took time to explain the ride As well as making us feel comfortable. Camel go to long drive of almost 20 hours covering more than 900 km they finally arrived.

After returning he is much tied. Enjoy an adventure with palely patio and camel for first time ever ;test camel ride skill as .Camel riding like riding a horse , you really should try it just getting of the ground is an experience. Kids love riding,. Camel ride only for 25 minutes you might not think it but being on a camel for a long time can rely heart. So just bring a light painkiller like.

Camel Ride

Camel Ride

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