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Body Painting

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Body painting is creative form of body art . Body painting are temporary may last for few hours or for few weeks. Body painting are done on skins , you can paint your whole body or part of it , depends on your taste.

You can paint your body by different method like by Markers , Air brush makeup , Magic Color and mehron face/body paint , Airbrush Textile Acrylics , AGPC Makeup , Liquid Latex , Tempera and many more technique is available in market.

You can have any design or style of painting of your desire like cartoon character or superhero character , you can paint your whole body or some part of your body depending on design. Our artist are well trained expert having 5-6 years of experience in body painting.

Body painting is an art. With the art of body panting we can design different type of dresses like super hero, Spider man, ghost, green man and many more. Which different religion and culture. Body panting new generation trained for the party. Body painting temporary painted in a human skin it stay for a week on body, as like (mehandi , tattoos).

Paint made by stringent guidelines (nontoxic) it use easily fade after normal washing these are either applied with hand and paint brush. James bio film goldmine a person is not asphyxiated if their whole body. Body painting is also subcategory of performance. which artist use.

Body Painting

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Body Painting Ghost

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Body Painting Green Man

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