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Bob the Builder Theme Party

Hey!! Time for birthday party, to solve problems and get things done with a positive attitude, Bob the Builder is here. So, we have Bob the Builder Theme Party. Can we fix it!!! With friends like Muck the dump truck and Dizzy the cement mixer, Bob and his business partner Wendy live in an imaginative world full of new experiences. The Parties are all about imaginary facts so that everyone can enjoy apart from its league life. Bob the builder is basically a cartoon, so party is especially for cute little boys like Bob.

Ask all the little guests to come to the party dressed in overalls, blue jeans, boots and flannel shirts. "!!Caution!! Construction Ahead!!" board placed at the entrance. Entrance gate is designed like a construction building or may be Garage. Offer Yellow engineer caps to the guest to feel like BOB. Add graphics or stickers of trucks, nails, hammers, wrenches, hard hats, etc. few yellow star-shaped caution signs and hang them around the party area. Traffic signals are excellent decorations prop for the party. Computer-printed sticker to the back with the names of Bob’s story. Also give out play tools, surveyor vests and/or nail aprons.

Games like building things is an excellent birthday party idea is to take out all the Lego, building blocks, egg cartons, paper plates, paper cups, popsicle sticks, boxes, cotton balls, books, cushions, etc. to build. Kids build their own houses, trucks, cars, etc.

For fun have a table with lots of nut crackers and an assortment of different shaped cookies and candies. Have frosting out as well. Cake make the birthday excellent and funny. Delicious cake made by chocolate and cream in one of Vehicle Shaped driven by Bob, with diagonal strips of black and yellow icing. Different sugar made toys like truck and dumper around the cake. Also decorate with small plastic signs, workers (Lego can help), candy corns for cones, green gumdrops stacked to form shrubs, shaved green-tinted coconut pieces to look like grass in the dirt, etc.

Prepare for every guest a work site brown bag lunch or lunchbox. This will really make your guests feel like they're having lunch on the job with Bob the Builder and his friends. Simply packaged food, such as juice boxes, sandwiches (Bob's favorite), dried fruit snacks, crackers and cheese, fruits, etc. For fun, an excellent birthday party idea is to cut each sandwich into construction vehicles using cookie cutters. Another great birthday party idea is to cut sugar cookies into squares, diamonds, triangles and octagons, and frost them to look like road signs. Kids "construct" their own sandwiches by putting out spreads, veggies, bread or buns and anything else you'll need to build a sandwich. Put little diamond construction signs on the dishes below so that the guest understand that they're about to eat authentic construction grub.

Lunch boxes or plastic hard hats and fill them with small construction vehicles, construction and Bob the Builder stickers and tattoos, miniature tool sets, carpenter pencils, bubble gum tape, a ruler, a whistle, flashing lights can be used as au return gifts.

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Bob the Builder Theme Party


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