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Nemo Theme Party

Nemo theme party planner in delhi . From the original community of fish Nemo fish is the beautiful creation as a clown fish. It lives in the dangerous depth of sea water. Nemo also known as anemone fish. It lives in the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Red sea and Australian Great Barrier Reef. Amphiprion ocellaris is the most commonly seen Clown fish (finding Nemo) and its body is bright orange with three vertical white bands edged in black. All fins are also edged in black.

There are about twelve known types of clown fish but are all the same when it comes to the way they live and this theme we must decorate the venue as an aquarium and all the fishes decorate along the balloon bunches with the color of white and orange as Nemo fish carries the colors.

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nemo party ideas

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Nemo B'day Party

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