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Joker Party Theme

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Joker,most happening and most entertaining artist in any birthday party or events , clown appears in the circus and amusement park is a performer who pretends to be a fool but act smartly and entertain every one . The whiteface often wear the ruffled collar and pointed hat, with the large red nose, baggy pants and huge boots continue to provide laughter, chuckles and giggles! And a Joker filled the party with fun and full of happiness.

Dress code for the party is of clown only. They can wear colorful, ill fitting clothing, often mismatched and oversized, have bulbous noses and brightly colored wigs. Their shoes maybe oversized and exaggerated, and from head to toe, color is an important part of the wardrobe. And also if the party is for adults, also they can dress like super-villain, face is covered in a cracked and runny white pancake, with his eyes thickly rimmed in black. A sloppy red grin is painted on the Glasgow smile beneath the makeup, extending from the mouth to the cheeks, grungy hair and yellow teeth, overcoat makes the participants scary.

Big Creamy colorful Joker cake with huge red nose is the main attraction of the party. Various props of circus decorated around the table and polka dots wall papers gives funny look to the celebration. Printed clown Paper mask for kids and adults. Funny Joker Clown Hat in place of Birthday caps. Various colorful and glossy balloon decorations is must for kids party with giant joker balloons standing at the entrance or real clowns will work.

Disposable tableware one-time paper cups clown joker cartoon pattern is for dinning. Straw with clown joker cartoon pattern paper. Joker Juice and green Hawaiian Punch, Toy candy box, clown faces chocolates, various snacks, sandwiches, pan pizza, cup cakes are the other attractions for guests before meal.

Rubber face masks, hula-hoops, toy clown/joker statue are for return gifts distributed by clowns present at entrance.

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