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Batman theme party

Birthday is a auspicious and special day for all and if it for a baby boy batman theme party idea is one who make your kid feel hero.. Decades have passed, generations have passed yet the fan following and the craziness of Batman has not turned down. Even today Batman is one of the most loved superhero. So, let’s plan for a batman theme event for a little boy. To create the atmosphere of Gotham City, decorate with bright colors to represent the comic book world of Batman or with dark colors to represent the most recent Batman movies. You can also pretend The Joker is throwing a party for Batman. Use a Batman banner or create a green and white road sign that says, "Welcome to Gotham City," and hang at the party entrance. Play musical scores from the Batman movies at a low volume in the background, create a bat-signal by taping the silhouette of a bat to the light of a flashlight and project on to a wall. Buy inexpensive capes, or make your own using rectangles of black cloth. Hang a cape from the back of each guest's chair before the party. Your guests can wear their capes during the party and take them home as favors. Wrap crime scene tape around chairs. Batman also forms strong bonds or close working relationships with other superheroes, including Justice League members Superman, Green Arrow and Zatanna, as well as members of the Outsiders superhero team. Others such as Jason Bard, Harold, Onyx, and Toyman work for him. So the guests are choice of their own to wear the costumes of any of the sub ordinates.

The party-in-a-box includes essential party products like matching plates, cups, napkins and more. Customize your party pack by adding items like the Batman kid costume and cape. Your little superhero will party and play as they save the day from the Joker and Mr. Freeze in this crime-fighting costume. Entertain the party guests with a life-sized Batman cardboard standup, scavenger hunt party games and fun favor boxes. The inclusive favor box comes with a Batman sticker sheet, blowout, disc launcher, foam Bat-a-Rang and a black barrel o' slime, perfect for vanquishing villains.

To increase the attraction of party you can bake an amazing Batman birthday cake. You can use Batman birthday cake pan and Batman birthday cake toppers to improve the quality and taste of your cake.

Some delicious and different food items like pop corns, jelly sandwiches, potato French fries, butter peanuts, cup cakes, moon balls apart from this you can add Chinese and continental along with main course meals.

Batsman toys and other superhero toys, remote control cars and babe blades are best return gifts for that kind of events.

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Batman theme party

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