Aladdin Theme Party
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Aladdin Theme Party

The ideas in this party work perfectly for a princess themed celebration, any glitter or glam event or Princess Jasmine party in a nut shell we can say that for kids and adults both.

Entrance from Palace gate with purple and turquoise curtains, color palette was deep amethyst, bright teal and a shot of magenta, all set off with glittering gold accents. Big and colorful lighting in chandeliers hanging on the top of each round table arranged for sitting and chair ties attached with genies lamp.

The birthday girl dressed like Princess Jasmine or birthday boy is Aladdin and also other serving staff can poses into the different characters like Jafar, Lago, Razoul, Sultan, Abu and off-course Genie. Girls in Ariel Gown, Modest, Mulan and for males Arabian Costumes. Also arrange game section and games are Treasure Hunt, Musical Genie Lamp.

We made the dessert table the centerpiece of the party. The shimmering gold dessert table and Star shaped magenta and blue 4 layer birthday cake placed in the center, with beautiful sugar cookies of Jasmine and Aladdin’s genie lamp, and double dark chocolate cupcakes with jeweled, Statue of Princess Jasmine and Aladdin placed on side of the cake. Golden Candle stand on the main table really concentrated along with wide range of sweets and chocolates. Each item almost elevated them and made each sweet seem that much more precious and shiny. Purple satin table cloths and colorful lanterns in the middle of the adult tables, plenty of colorful balloons and Maroon and golden sparkling tinsel on them. The kids’ table is covered with same purple cloth with teal and golden glass vases pink ribbon roses on the neck and filled with pink and blue jewels. Their table was set with gold plates and cutlery with gold sparkling gems. Juice boxes at the table were wrapped in purple and blue paper. Also hand made enough golden floor pillows for each child to have sit around our table on the floor.

Aladdin story Characters splashed across every napkin, plate and banner, so we give a small tribute to the Disney princess in the form of a sugar cookie and let the rich jewel and pearl tones and metallic accents set the scene for our exotic birthday bash. Lots of Balloons with long strands of gold ribbon hanging from them and released them to the ceiling all around the surroundings. For Food we set up pumpkin in the shape of lamp on the Dinner table, foods for serving cucumber yogurt salad, variety of shakes, chips, trays of crown shaped, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and juice boxes with gold ribbon.

For girls tiaras, necklaces, bracelets, fake jewels, hair accessories, face veils, hip scarves, pens, and Aladdin stickers and posters. and for boys crowns and other "royal" jewels, creative pictures as a return gifts.

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Aladdin theme party

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