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Aeroplane ride for kids in delhi for fun with Birthday Planner. Aeroplane ride will give you the sense of floating in the sky. There are exclusive & innovative rides in stock , depends upon your preferred and funds. Our desire is to give kids a memorable experience of life time .

Off they go into the wild blue yonder on this fun aviation ride! It is a ride perfect for everyone from young kids to adults. Riders experience the sensation of flying as they carried around and around. The airplane ride rotates around the vertical axis when the rides start moving. Meanwhile, riders can also control the rotating airplanes by themselves and make the airplane rise and fall as they want.

Our 4 jets hold a total of 8-16 children. Each jet can hold up to 2 children at one time. We recommend this airplane ride for kids of 2-9 years which holds up to 12 years.This is a great attention getter for events. It will be the beautiful attraction in your party and attracts many guests to come to play again and again. From safety and energy conservation, to employee training and education, we aim to produce affordable, quality, entertainment for our customers.

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