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Ring The ButterFly

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Ring the butterfly , put the ring in to the butterfly wings , It's basically a ring game where you have to toss the ring , so that ring stuck into the butterfly wings . Ring the butterfly is very interesting game to play , every kids love butterfly , so they always find this game interesting and joyfull.

This game comes in variety of shape and size , depending upon your choice. This is a butterfly shaped structure with wooden stripes on it , you have to toss the ring in to the wooden stripes , those who will toss more ring will win the game.

We provide the ring the butterfly game on rent at very reasonable price in delhi ncr. We will give you one butterfly game , 3 ring , one backdrop for ring the butterfly and one attendant for that game . You can have this game at your kids birthday party or for your events . Every kids will have fun with this game.

Ring The Butter Fly

Ring The Butter Fly

ring the butterfly game

Ring The Butter Fly

ring the butterfly

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