Help For Helpless

They are the homeless, they are the homeless with even less – they are the helpless homeless, helpless due to age, helpless because of mental and physical conditions, helpless because of there experiences of past and present that are beyond everyday and everyone’s understanding. While there are endless conditions that can affect the human experience very few have the devastating impact of poverty. Researchers gave the report about the impact of poverty on children that may be as severe as a stroke.
Our National Father Mahatma Gandhi didn’t need research – he spoke from seeing the deepness of India’s poor, “Poverty is the one among the top reasons of violence.” These important thing were Left unattended, those so afflicted face a lifetime of challenges which only few of us can understand. One could spend a lifetime exploring the causes and issues related to others poverty and homelessness, but this ,must not be a narrative stories on those subjects like we did in our past live , . It must be going out like , the telling of the story about one man, an organization and a group of volunteers that are trying to make a difference in the lives of the helpless homeless.
Volunteering and watching out the working in a homeless shelter is often seen as a unique way in which individuals can eliminate class differences through inter group contact and help those who must be getting served. However, I argue that in these same environments we can also serve to reinforce and reproduce class boundaries but we are here to serve those who needs our proper attention , as like a patient need his Doctor’s medication , as same like the Doctor we need to medicate those poors . Volunteers and employees are provided a special space in which they can feel generous and virtuous because of helping and treating nice to those who needs to be treated very much very the care , while also maintaining the old cultural stereoscopic type of environment of the homelessness is found to be immoral but still we guys are giving our best in giving our best to those who needs us .
In our NGO , we gonna show how the affluent staff at a suburban homeless shelter engage in border work and construct moral identities for themselves in opposition to the clients. Based on our hours of participant observation and different semi-structured relive camps along with the interviews of poor class , I argue that the identical work of the staffs can reinforce the very class boundaries they need transferrel to resist. In their attempts to provide services to the homeless, they use rhetorical and physical strategies to reinforce class boundaries and create an mothered status for those they served. And that’s the reason why our staffs feel good by “helping the homeless help themselves” while maintaining a safe distance from them.

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